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We hope you will find the pages in our website informative and helpful.  Some are meant to show you a snapshot of our school, some to inform about on-going activities, still others of images of past events.  But most of all, we want to show you how we at Ashford Oaks celebrate our children, be there for them through their growing years, and show off their achievements.

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Term Dates 2019-2020

Term 1

2 Sep 2019 INSET Day

3 Sep 2019 term starts

18 Oct 2019 term ends

Term 2

28 Oct 2019 INSET DAY

29 Oct 2019 term starts

18 Dec 2019 term ends

Term 3

6 Jan 2020 term starts

14 Feb 2020 term ends

Term 4

24 Feb 2020 INSET Day

25 Feb 2020 term starts

1 Apr 2020 term ends

Term 5

16 Apr 2020 term starts

22 May 2020 term ends

Term 6

1 Jun 2020 term starts

26 Jun 2020 INSET Day

17 Jul 2020 INSET Day

22 Jul 2020 term ends

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The conclusion from the most recent audit by the Autistic Society:

It would be hard to imagine a school where inclusion is more embedded in the culture of the school. Ashford Oaks has a very strong ethos of accepting all its children and celebrating their differences rather than seeing these as problems. Pupils’ chances of being happy and successful are maximised by the many individual and flexible arrangements that are identified for them. These effective responses draw on the wealth of experience and knowledge the school staff possess which is accompanied by a very positive ‘can do’ approach.

This bears testimony to the work we do at Ashford Oaks, the hard work of our staff, and the ethos and culture in this place.  Congratulations and well done all.

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Community hub

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martial arts

   Martial arts after school club   

Just Feel Alive

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