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Hello, I am Mrs Hazle and I am the Lead Teacher in our Specialist Resource Provision (SRP). I spend a lot of time supporting children with Autism across the school to try and help them be as successful as they can be. When I am not at school I enjoy spending time with my little boy, going for long dog walks and spending time at the beach.

Hi, I’m Miss Wilsher. I work in Ashford International but I’m sure you’ll see me around the school. I love long walks in the countryside with my family, summer time is my favourite - although I do really love Christmas! 

Hi, I'm Mrs White. I belong to the AI team, although you'll often find me all over the school in different classes! When I'm not at work I spend my time looking after my little boy and having fun days out!

Hi, I'm Mrs Wood.  I am surrounded by kids at home as well as at work. I love playing games especially when I win  and the coolest thing I've done is jump out of an airplane TWICE!!

Hi, I'm Miss Empett. I work in Ashford International, but you could find me supporting our wonderful children anywhere in the school. Outside of school I love spending time with my family, especially my two grandchildren..

Hi, I'm Mrs King but the children know me as Mrs King. I am a very proud member of the AI team. When I am not at school with our lovely children, I am having fun making memories with my own children and grandchildren.

Hi, I'm Ms Morris and I'm based in Ashford International, supporting children across the school. When I'm not at work I love days out exploring the great outdoors with my family, camping holidays and having afternoon teas while watching the Formula 1.

Hi I'm Miss Morris. I work in Ashford International or with children across the school. I love spending time with my children and with the rest of my family. I also love chocolate! 

Hello I'm Miss Lewis, when I'm not at school I enjoy either spending my time with family and friends or going to see my favourite musicals in theatre.

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Trail in Woods
Red Bauble
Yorkshire Terrier
Jumping Off the Plane
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