PHASE 2 (YEAR 1, 2, 3)

Kate DAWSON phase leader

At the end of Year 2 all children will complete the Statutory Assessments Tasks (SATs) in writing, reading and numeracy. They also are assessed in science, and this information is reported to parents in their End-of-Year Reports in July.


We also promote a ‘family’ ethos in Ashford Oaks and this is very evident at Christmas time, when all KS1 and EYFS join together in a performance of the Nativity story to their families!  Practice and rehersals are gathering speed, so be prepared to be amazed and entertained!

The Phase 2 Team in action!

Welcome to Phase 2!  (Key Stage 1, Year 1, 2, and 3)


For the 2 years your child is in Phase 2 they will be encouraged to become independent and confident learners. This is undertaken through a variety of activities focusing firstly on understanding using practical resources, then transferring this knowledge into recording in books.

All children are encouraged to share their learning by explaining it to their peers during lesson time, having their learning displayed in class and showing it, in whole school assemblies.


More detail on our emphases for Year 1 & 2 are on the sidebar.

Year 1


Our focus is on learning phonics and using these strategies to help with reading and writing.


We teach numeracy everyday linking practical activities and real-life situations to help our children become number happy. Also through a variety of exciting investigations and exploring their world, using inside and outside environments, the children quickly develop an eagerness to learn.

Year 2


The focus is on becoming independent learners.


In reading, our children are introduced to a variety of different genres and using these ideas begin to write creatively. In maths, they are encouraged to use manipulatives and are taught a variety of strategies to develop and secure their knowledge of the basic skills.


The other subjects History, Geography, Science, Music, Art, Design and Technology and PSHE are taught in blocks. This enables them to develop a better understanding of When, What, How and why, events happen.

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