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Welcome to Phase 3!

Phase 3 is comprised of years 3 and 4,  who are going through an important transition from the infants into the juniors.  At Ashford Oaks we pride ourselves on a rich and varied curriculum, and this is partiularly enriching  to these year groups at this juncture.

We start off each year group with a comparison of their class named village and Ashford Town which is a lovely way of giving the children a sense of belonging and awareness of the immediate world around them.  These villages are Mersham, Aldington, Tenterden, and Woodchurch, and are the four classrooms located in the middle of the building.

We are well-known for our open door policy, so please feel free to come by to speak to any one of us if ou do feel a need to do so.

PHASE 3 (YEAR 4, 5, 6)

Year 3


The children in year 3 go on to do topics such as Plants, looking in detail at text graphics and manipulation in computing, Ancient Egypt, The Bronze Age, The Romans, Mountains, and Pop Art. Making their own wind-up toys, a variety of sporting themes including swimming in the Easter term and learning about the importance of British Values alongside many other exciting topics. The children respond really well to all the activities and relish the opportunity to engage in fun, innovative learning.

Year 4


The Year 4 curriculum includes some fantastic topics such as: Electricity, Developing their own coding to create their own platform game in computing, Ancient Greece, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, France, Rivers, Andy Goldsworthy, Cooking, The Water Cycle and the most exciting event….The YEAR 4 CAMPING TRIP!


This is where all of the Year 4 children and staff spend three days and two nights braving the elements to experience life in a more basic but fun way! The children absolutely love it and although they come back exhausted, wind-swept and sometimes a little dirty (!!) they have a collection of fun and truly unforgettable memories to go home with.  

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