An Overview of READING at Ashford Oaks - Work in Progress

READING - Key Stage 2

Destination Reader

Used in over 200 schools Destination Reader has already had an impact in our school whilst making sure

no child is left behind. 


By developing a deeper understanding of what’s being read, Destination Reader actively engenders a love

of reading which will endure throughout our children’s lives.

Staff have already improved their effectiveness in the teaching of reading through the use of proven techniques involving language stems and other strategies.

is an effective and widely-used programme in Ashford Oaks to teach our children to become confident and fluent readers.  this is particularly useful in the early years where chidren are taught new sounds by completing a variery of interesting speaking and writing activities linked to stories.


RWI sessions are conducted every morning, and we monitor the progress of the children closely.  Should the need arise, we provide one-to-one tutoring outside the RWI lessons themselves to ensure no one falls behind.  More information could be found in your child's Contact Book.

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