Early Years Foundation Stage

The curriculum that we teach in Nursery and Reception classes meet the requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our curriculum planning is focused on the seven areas of learning: Prime Areas- Personal, Social and Emotional development, Physical development, Communication and language, Specific Areas- Literacy (RWI), Mathematical, Understanding of the World and Exploring and using media and materials.


Our school fully support the principle that young children learn through play and by engaging in well-planned structured activities. The children across Early Years will be given opportunities to access adult-directed sessions of phonics (RWI), Maths, Literacy and in Nursery, Early Talk Boost. We provide opportunities within these sessions to make cross-curricular links with the other areas of learning too. We constantly reflect on the balance of adult-led, adult-initiated and child-initiated opportunities. We believe in developing strong, positive relationships with the children and parents to ensure we get the best outcomes for each child. We base our environment on the needs and interests of the children and it is well-planned inside and outside to enable the children to access it independently, promoting the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’.


In Early Years we use the Early Excellence Assessment Tracker to track the children’s attainment and progress. We also use this for formative observations of the children during adult directed and child initiated sessions. These observations are shared with parents in an online learning journey. Parents are also encouraged to share home learning via this online platform.


At the end of the Reception year we report on the Characteristics of Effective Learning which are: Playing and exploring, Active learning and Creating and Thinking Critically. We assess the children against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile making a judgement of if a child is emerging, expected or exceeding.

We also go on a number of school trips,  to different places linked to our foundation subjects.


Yearly we have some special trips. Every class is named after a village around Ashford and they visit their village on Village Day. Year 4 have the exciting opportunity to go camping for three days in May. Finally Year 6 go on a week-long Residential trip at the start of the year.