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phase 2


Hi, I'm Mrs Murphy, the Assistant Head looking after Phase 2 (Year 1, 2, and 3). I enjoy walking and cycling and exploring new places.


Hi I'm Mrs Todd! You can find me in the Year 1 classroom. I love reading, snacking and scrapbooking. Outside of school you can find me playing DnD or running around with my twins in the garden.

Hi I'm Mrs Douglas and I'm a teacher in Year 1. I love singing and music is always playing in my house! When I'm not at school I enjoy baking with my daughter. I love sunshine and being at the beach! I enjoy going for long walks with my cute but very cheeky little dog! 

Hi, I’m Mrs Charlesworth and I am a teaching assistant in year 1. Outside of school I enjoy cooking and walking and doing arts and crafts with my daughter. 


Hello I'm Miss Lewis, I have previously enjoyed working at Ashford Oaks in both our Early years setting, Year 1 and I am now currently loving working in Year 2. When I'm not at school I enjoy either spending my time with family and friends or going to see my favourite musicals in theatre.


Mrs Khan.

Hi, my name is Miss Hills and I am a teacher in Year 1.  When i'm not in school, you'll find me watching my two boys playing football and cheering them on from the sideline.  I also love baking cakes, listening to music and spending time with my family and friends. 

My name is Miss Skinner and you can find me in Year 1. In my spare time I enjoy swimming and spending time with my 2 children. I also have a dog called Belle, who I like to take on long walks.

Hi, my name is Miss Foreman and I am a teacher in Year 1. When I am not in school you will find me enjoying days out with my daughter. I enjoy going to the theatre, exploring new places and baking.  


My name is Miss Quinn and I am a teacher in year 1. When I’m not at school you’ll find me at the beach with my dogs or paddle-boarding with my friends. I enjoy reading and love listening to music whilst dancing around the house.

Hello, I am Miss Chapman. When I’m not teaching the wonderful children in Year 2. I am out and about doing anything adventurous! I love kayaking, beach trips and taking my very cheeky dog Ernie on long walks and runs. 

Hello, I’m Mrs Moss and I can be found in Year 2.  Being a big fan of all things that sparkle, you might catch a glimpse of me in the art cupboard searching for glitter to sprinkle on something. I'm happiest doing two things; singing my heart out to great music and being creative. I particularly enjoy upcycling old things. I love revamping pieces that might otherwise be thrown away and then transforming them into something quite different and beautiful. 

Hi, My name is Miss young. You will usually find me serving up breakfast in the morning or playing in the Nursery. When I am at home I look after Tom who is a giant African land snail. He likes to eat cucumber and lettuce.

Hi, I’m Miss Stocks. I love dogs, especially my puppy called Zia. Summer is my favourite season and I love to spend time at the beach with my family, and a cheeky ice cream too!

Hi I'm Mrs Kwao.  I love history, and think of myself as a history nerd/buff.  My husband and I are members of the National Trust, and when we are not walking our dog Bella, we enjoy visiting some of these amazing sites.





I’m Mrs Topper and I’m a teaching Assistant. In my free time I can be found taking my two dogs on long walks. I also enjoy going on bike rides through the local  countryside.

Hi I’m Mrs Grace, I am an HLTA with year 3. I enjoy arts and crafts, both in school and at home. I love spending time in my garden,  a walk at the coast with my husband, or out for a run on the roads around where I live. Family is important to me and I love when my 3 children and partners all come home to visit. 

Hi, I’m Miss Bennett and I’m a TA apprentice here at Ashford Oaks. I love to dance, go shopping and spend time with my family. 

Hello I'm Mrs Purnell and I'm a teacher in Year 3. I love spending time with my family,  including my two cats. When I'm not at school I enjoy baking and cake decorating. I love the sunshine and relaxing in the garden!

Hi, I'm Miss White. I make up half of the Year 6 'A-Team'. Outside of school, I like to keep fit through running and HIIT workouts. The thing I love the most however, is Christmas and I wish it could be Christmas every day of the year!

Hi, I'm Mrs Vidican and you can find me in Year 3. I love being surrounded by the best people in the world - children. I also love nature and hiking gives me the bliss that I crave for.

Hi, my name is Mrs Hannah. I am a class teacher who likes to carry out some exciting science experiments. Outside of school, I love to travel and visit lots of new places and taking lots of photos. I also like to get lost in a good book - and I love spending time with my little boy Ethan.

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