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phase 3


Hi, I’m Mrs Tree, Assistant Head looking after Phase 3 (Year 4, 5, and 6). Sometimes you might see me flying about on the Move and Groove stage! Outside of school, I really enjoy running and playing netball.


Hi, I'm Mrs Beechill. I'm in year 4 and love getting my class enthusiastic about history! Outside of school, I am often busy sewing or knitting colourful clothes.

Hi I’m Mrs Day, mum to three big kids and a spotty dog. 

Hi I'm Ms White.  I love everything about art, I love going to exhibitions and galleries, at home if I am not making art I will be reading, sewing or knitting. I enjoy early morning walks with my dog and spending time with my adult children and my grandchildren. .

Hiya! I'm Miss Hunt, and you will probably find me hiding in the Year Four classrooms during the day.  I love to play games with my partner, spend time with my grandparents and run around with my dogs.  Don't forget to say hi if you see me around

Hi, I’m Mr Mason. I might be spotted playing songs on the piano in the hall! Outside of school, I really enjoy learning to play new instruments and reading.

Hi, I'm Mrs Rivenberg. When I'm not at school, you might find me walking my dog along the beach, hiking up a mountain, or dancing to my favourite songs.

Hi I’m Mrs Ludlow , I’ve worked here before it became AO.  In my spare time I love crafting and spending quality time with my family.

Hi, I’m Miss Bennett and I’m a TA apprentice here at Ashford Oaks. I love to dance, go shopping and spend time with my family. 

Hi, I'm Miss Walls-Brück. I make up the other half of the Year 6 'A-Team'. You will often find me talking about reading around Ashford Oaks as it is one of my passions. When I'm not reading, I love being outdoors, especially by the sea: walking, camping and kayaking.

Hi, I'm Mrs Woollcott. I work as part of the amazing Year 6 team. I love the outdoors, reading, puzzles and trying new things. I will give anything a go once.

Hi I'm Miss Cleave.  My background is in outdoor education, and I've taught thousands of children rock climbing, archery and watersports. I love travel and adventure, during half term you'll find me snorkeling in Greece, camping in the Swiss Alps or hiking across Scotland. I love jellyfish and singing silly songs about them with the children. My favourite lessons are Spanish, Art and Bushcraft.

Hi, I'm Mrs Cotterell. You will normally find me in year 1, but on occasion you could find me helping out anywhere in the school. Outside of school I love to read, run and walk with my family and little dog. 

Hi, I'm Mr Scorer. Even if I had the offer of being the next British astronaut or a world-famous dancer, I would still choose my current role at Ashford Oaks as the P.E. lead because I love it so much. I enjoy all sports, but you will often find me kicking around a football outside of school and attempting to score goals for Kennington FC. 

Hi my name is Miss Oulton and I'm a teacher in Year 6.  As an old Ashford Oaks student, I'm very excited to be a part of the school again. When I'm not at AO, I like watching films, going out to eat, spending time with my friends and family and playing with my two naughty cats, Dora and Mabel.

I’m Mrs Topper and I’m a teaching Assistant. In my free time I can be found taking my two dogs on long walks. I also enjoy going on bike rides through the local  countryside.

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Ballet Shoes
Trail in Woods
Running Shoes
Snowy Mountain Peaks
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