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READING - Key Stage 1


At Ashford Oaks we deliver a daily reading programme called Read Write Inc Phonics (RWI).  It is a well-established programme at our school which allows the children to feel successful and make quick progress on their journey to becoming a fluent reader.  The children are placed in small groups matched to their reading ability rather than their age.  Each group is led by an experienced adult which allows all children to achieve their potential.  Each week the children take home their RWi book to consolidate their reading skills, as well as a home reading book from other reading schemes to complement the sounds they have learnt so far.


The children start on the RWi programme in Term 1 of Reception, starting with introducing a sound each day (grapheme phoneme correspondence GPC), building up to blending the sounds to read words as well as using their GPC knowledge to write simple words.  In some cases our Nursery children and introduced to the pure sounds in short session if appropriate to individual children.  Most children complete the programme by the end of Year One, however a small percentage of our children continued with RWi in Year Two in bespoke groups to ensure their reading skills are accelerated


All children are individually assessed on a termly basis and then regrouped accordingly.  If children need extra support on top of their daily RWi lesson, daily phonics interventions are put in place to fill in any gaps in their sound knowledge.


Once the children complete the RWi phonics programme most children will embark on our Destination Reader programme at the start of Year Two and continue in Key Stage Two.​

Read Write Inc. Stages
Learning individual sounds and building words
Ditty stage - reading a few words together
Green Stage
Purple Stage
Pink Stage
Orange Stage
Yellow Stage
Blue Stage
Grey Stage
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These are the sounds your child will learn.  These sounds can be combined to make Green words.

Green Words are words that if you stretch them out all the sounds can be heard i.e. you can sound them out.

RWI Comprehension