Year 5 registration and storytime

REGISTRATION: Zoom links in Google Classroom 

Meeting ID: 

Passcode: !

STORYTIME: Zoom links in Google Classroom

Meeting ID: 


IMPORTANT: Please log in with your child’s first name and surname otherwise the teacher won’t be able to add them into the zoom call for safety reasons.  This applies to both the registration and Storytime sessions.


Logging into Google Classroom

Login details can be found in your child’s reading diary. You must add the school domain ( to the end of their username to login.  E.g. If your child was called Joe Smith his username would be: followed by his password.  He will also need the class code in order to access the classroom, which would have been given by his teacher.

Help with Google Classroom

Get in touch:

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Viking Boat Sculpture

We had great fun learning about the Aztecs, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.  We have re-enacted sacrifices, battles, wars and longboat adventures across the roaring seas!

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