What makes us special


Welcome to Ashford Oaks a very special family where everyone is loved and valued, which gives children security and breeds confidence. We have high expectations for learning and behaviour, and our children are friendly, caring and determined to learn. They take pride in our school, which results in excellent behaviour.  We enjoy good relationships with our parents working together to achieve the best for our children.



Our curriculum is broad and balanced. We use a Phonics programme called ‘Read Write Inc’ in Early Years and Year 1. By the end of Y2 children are expected to be using our KS2 literacy package called ‘Success For All’. We use the ‘Big Maths’ which is a stimulating programme to secure children’s mathematical skills right across the school. Science and the foundation subjects are blocked into periods of one or two weeks in the afternoons. This approach gives children a chance to really explore an area of study in a creative, varied and challenging way. Our classes are named after villages around Ashford and we try to build up a relationship with the village school while learning about the village at the same time. Another feature of our school is our camping and activity excursions in Y4 & Y6. Our Y6 working with CSX (community careers organisation) get an opportunity to broaden their aspirations for their future careers.


In Early Years through to Y1 our curriculum is very child centred designed to give children an engaging practical curriculum to start their school learning journey. We know our children well and our lessons are personalised and tailored to their needs and interests whenever possible.









Our school is a modern spacious building that is very well resourced. Visitors and professionals often remark how our building reflects our ethos and love of the children. The building is light and airy but also warm and secure with good access for the disabled. We have large classrooms designed to be used in a flexible way each has their own outside patio area. We have fantastic grounds with modern play equipment, a pond, amphitheatre and a dedicated member of staff for outdoor play. Our ASD facility known as ‘Ashford International’ is well equipped to support all children’s needs. We are always evaluative and our site is always evolving to meet our developing needs.



We have a wonderful, hardworking, compassionate and dedicated family of staff who love

our children and school. We know the children and their individual needs very well. We

have a team based approach which is flexible and ensures expertise and knowledge are

optimised. We are an inclusive school community, who are approachable and happy

showing a great sense of fun!



One of our core principles is that we are an inclusive school with expertise and determination to meet the wide and varied needs of our children. This principle is well embedded in everything we do. We have particular expertise in ASD and support all children in Ashford schools. Our whole team is well trained and have a ‘can do’ attitude regardless of need.  We are based in a diverse community and we do our best to understand and celebrate all cultures.


Relationships with Parents:

We have an ‘open door’ policy to parents. We know many of them very well and have many opportunities to work with them to improve the lives of our children. Our Pastoral Support Team do an excellent job and have fostered an open and honest relationship with them. We enjoy having many parent helpers. There are many special events for parents during the year such as Mothers/Fathers day, curriculum activity days and craft days. Our community room provides adult education, an after-school club and a variety of community support activities. 


Relationships with Community:

The School enjoys an excellent relationship with our community. As part of curriculum children get to know the villages and some of the people around Ashford. Our ‘Project Purple’ has won awards for improving the environment and our dedicated team are always looking out for new projects. The choir regularly perform in County Square shopping centre and at the local retirement home. Our links are strong with the Nepalese community, the police, the Baptist church and local businesses such as Asda, Pizza Express and other supermarkets. We work collaboratively with a large group of schools in Ashford sharing expertise and ideas for the good of all children in the District. We participate in a wide variety of sporting events across the district. We are always keen to support charity and world events. We enjoy excellent support from a dedicated group of school governors within the Ashford locality who support and challenge us in all areas of school life.