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We are literally, and physically, right on the frontline where we greet and meet every single person visiting us.  This is likely to be where you would take the very first step by talking to our admission officer and receptionist, thereby setting your child on a lifelong journey of learning.

A day in the office (top left clockwise): Ellie & Charlotte deep in discussion, Terry in his element, Charlotte ensuring the morning rush is handled properly, Mary handling phone enquiry, Becci and some intense number-crunching, Sarah handling public enquiries, Tain.

We look after parents, visitors and staff too! 


We are also the people who keep Ashford Oaks running from day to day, making sure the phone system works, clean water flows from every tap, the computers compute as they should, every light switch switches on a light, money is counted and budget planned, and occasionally entertain you with a song or two. 

We are the people who open up the school gates each morning, keep it running safe and sound through the day, and turn off the lights in the evening.  We are the admin team – the people who work so that everything works, and everyone else could work too.

Oak Tree Road  Ashford  Kent  TN23 4QR  📞01233 631259

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