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medicine policy & nurses

Medicine Policy at Ashford Oaks


Please find a summary of our medicine policy below.  For more information, our medicine policy document is available in the “Important Documents” section of our website here.

Prescribed Medicines

Antibiotics that need to be given three times a day should be managed at home.  We will however administer antibiotics that are prescribed four times a day


Non-Prescribed Medicines

  • Non prescribed medicines will only be given for 2 consecutive school days and parents will need to complete a form to allow staff to do this

  • “Over the counter” medication, such as Calpol will only be given at 1.00pm after lunch

  • We are unable to administer any eye drops, teething gels, cough syrups etc. without a prescription

  • If a child needs any regular non-prescription medicines, then we would ask a parent to come to school to give these to their child

Contact us: please contact the School Office or Mr Biggleston of our Pastoral Support Team for further advise.
School nurses from the Kent School Health Team can provide advice, support and signposting for:


  • dayime and nighttime wetting and soiling

  • behaviour management

  • healthy eating and lifestyle

  • emotional health and wellbeing

  • puberty and growing up

  • sexual health, including Chlamydia screening

  • stopping smoking

  • drug and alcohol misuse

  • complex health needs

Contact the Health Team: 0300 123 3094 or

Medicine Prescription
Bottles of Essential Oil
Medicine Prescription
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