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This is the sandbox page - hidden, and used to keep stuff for potential future needs, also for experimenting stuff - hence sandbox.

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We are grateful to the above organisations for their generous donations towards our raffle prizes

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The Premiere


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Ashford Oaks is 10!

       come celebrate with us Friday 5 Oct.

Year 5
Sep 2021

School Tours


Hi, I’m Mrs Tree, Assistant Head looking after Phase 3 (Year 4, 5, and 6). Sometimes you might see me flying about on the Move and Groove stage! Outside of school, I really enjoy running and playing netball.


Hi, I'm Mrs Beechill. I'm in year 4 and love getting my class enthusiastic about history! Outside of school, I am often busy sewing or knitting colourful clothes.


Hi I’m Mrs Day, mum to three big kids and a spotty dog. 

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Hiya! I'm Miss Hunt, and you will probably find me hiding in the Year Four classrooms during the day.  I love to play games with my partner, spend time with my grandparents and run around with my dogs.  Don't forget to say hi if you see me around ☺


Hi, I’m Mr Mason. I might be spotted playing songs on the piano in the hall! Outside of school, I really enjoy learning to play new instruments and reading.


Hi, I'm Mrs Rivenberg. When I'm not at school, you might find me walking my dog along the beach, hiking up a mountain, or dancing to my favourite songs.


Hi I’m Mrs Ludlow , I’ve worked here before it became AO.  In my spare time I love crafting and spending quality time with my family.


Hi, I’m Miss Bennett and I’m a TA apprentice here at Ashford Oaks. I love to dance, go shopping and spend time with my family. 


Hi, I'm Miss Walls-Brück. I make up the other half of the Year 6 'A-Team'. You will often find me talking about reading around Ashford Oaks as it is one of my passions. When I'm not reading, I love being outdoors, especially by the sea: walking, camping and kayaking.


Hi, I'm Mrs Woollcott. I work as part of the amazing Year 6 team. I love the outdoors, reading, puzzles and trying new things. I will give anything a go once.


Hi, I'm Mrs Cotterell. You will normally find me in year 1, but on occasion you could find me helping out anywhere in the school. Outside of school I love to read, run and walk with my family and little dog. 


Hi, I'm Mr Scorer. Even if I had the offer of being the next British astronaut or a world-famous dancer, I would still choose my current role at Ashford Oaks as the P.E. lead because I love it so much. I enjoy all sports, but you will often find me kicking around a football outside of school and attempting to score goals for Kennington FC.

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