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Rebecca Homewood

My name is Rebecca, I currently have three children at the school, Olivia will be off to secondary school in September, Henry will be going up to year one, and Edith will be starting Reception (currently attends Ashford Oaks Nursery). I believe I would make a good governor because if I feel something isn’t quite right or can potentially be improved on, I will speak up and put my prospective on things, we all want the best possible outcome for our children and have the best possible provisions in place to achieve this. 

Damber Limbu

My name is Damber Limbu.  Let me introduce myself with the following brief statement:


I have lived in the United Kingdom with my family for nearly twenty years.  My work has taken me to various parts of the UK, for a time in South Wales, and now in Ashford with SBE Ltd as their Business Support for more than ten years.  Ashford Oaks and my family has a long history going all the way back to 2010, and we can’t be happier with the school and its staff.  I have been educated to Secondary High Diploma, and I love football.


David Williams

Hi folks! I'm David, and I've been an Ashford Oaks parent for the last 5 years, with two children in the school; Louie and Grace.


As a devoted dad who wants the school to be an inclusive, supportive and caring learning environment for all of our children, I would like to play an active role in helping to improve things for both students and parents alike. As a Parent Governor, I will help foster transparency between the school and parents to promote the “community” aspect of our school, in addition to any specific areas I’m asked to focus on.


In terms of my background, I have built a long career in software engineering, building and leading open, supportive and skilled software teams, focused on delivering value. I am passionate about helping people, and sharing my experiences, which I do in a few different ways, from international public speaking at software conferences, to training as a STEM Ambassador and Tech We Can Champion to help children think about a career in Technology.


With your support, I would like the opportunity to help create an even brighter future for all our children at Ashford Oaks.

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