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Specialist resource provision

The world needs different kinds of minds to work together - Dr. Temple Grandin

We are a small Specialist Resource Provision (SRP) within Ashford Oaks Primary School who support children who have an EHCP with an Autism diagnosis to access the mainstream environment to the best of their ability. Each child is encouraged to integrate as fully as possible into their mainstream class, with support from both the class and provision team incorporated into their school day. Our team is made up of a specialist teacher, HLTA and TAs who all share a love of supporting children with ASD.


Our provision vision is:

  • To create a safe and purposeful learning environment which encourages children to build positive relationships with their peers and adults

  • To help develop emotional and social communication as well as academic achievement

  • To encourage independence through teaching key skills that are transferable in the wider community

  • To promote positive behaviour and to acknowledge and celebrate achievements

  • To work in partnership with the class teams, wider professionals and parents to create the best possible learning opportunities for each child


We support each child to progress both academically and socially so that they are prepared to manage their individual needs outside of the school environment and become independent learners. We celebrate all successes, address areas of challenge and make sure that each child feels nurtured and respected so that they are ready to learn alongside their peers.


Besides providing day-to-day support for our children, our ASD Team helps to develop and build confidence with all staff across the school and introduce strategies that can be embedded within the classroom to support our children. We work closely with a Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist to ensure that individualised targets are built into personalised plans and build in specific targets into the wider curriculum as much as possible. We provide support during more unstructured times of the day, such as break time and assembly, to help reduce any anxiety and work hard to help each child build positive relationships with the adults within the school.


The provision itself has different areas that can be accessed by the children. We have a main learning area, as well as an additional learning room, which is used to support small group work or to provide a quiet environment to focus in. We also have a sensory room which is used for self-regulation and to provide a ‘safe space’ for children to use if they feel they need a sensory break from the classroom. There is an outside area which is used at social times, but it is also used to deliver interventions such as sensory circuits depending on the child’s needs.

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