Hi, I'm Miss Parkins. You will normally find me in the School Office. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with family or getting stuck into a good TV series! 

“Hi,  I’m Mary Russen and I work in the School Office on the finance side. At weekends and in the holidays, I enjoy being outdoors, walking and cycling.”


I am Miss Treadwell and if we haven’t’ met in person then I have definitely sent you an email or 2, if I’m not up on the stage doing Move and Groove then you will find me in the office. Outside of school I like spending time outside walking and eating sweet treats whenever I can.

I’m Mr Nettleship and I like fishing and spending time in the woods doing bush craft.

Hello, I’m Mrs Sullivan and I joined the AO family back in 2010, I look after the school budget and make sure that we have enough resources to promote good learning outcomes (some children think that my job is to give out hairbands!). I have three teenage daughters who used to attend Ashford Oaks - we love to walk our dog and to go ten pin bowling.

Mr Wong, Mr Tain, Mr 10, or my favourite "you've come to the Wong place!".  IT guy, IT man, computerman, Mr fixit.  You can see that I'm quite a confused person.  Passions: reading,  cooking, baking, trying to beat squash players half my age (operative word: trying), flying machines, big boys' toys such as the Belaz 75710.  Oh, I love the guitar too.  So much to do, so little time...

Colorful Bowling Balls
Carpenter Craving in Wood
Fishing Rod