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Geography prepares young people with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make sense of their world and to face the challenges that will shape our societies and environments at the local, national and global scales. At Ashford Oaks, we use Cornerstones curriculum 22 to support the planning and resourcing of our curriculum. Cornerstone's four-stage pedagogy is built on academic research and years of practical teaching experience. It has four key elements to it: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. All geography projects are taught in the autumn and spring terms, therefore the summer terms are used to revisit less secure concepts, working on children’s memory and retrieval.


Our curriculum is led by 10 central Big Ideas, the overarching aims of the curriculum. In geography, the Big Idea of Humankind is connected to and delivered through the geographical aspects of Settlements and land use and Human features and landmarks. These Big Ideas and their intentions are set out below.





























In order to make the curriculum specific to children at Ashford Oaks, we include at least one memorable experience for each geography topic that is related to our local area. We are also able to adapt the lesson activities in order to motivate, engage and inspire our children whilst achieving the key skills of the sequenced lessons.

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