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parent governor candidate statements

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Kate Greig

I’m eager to stand as a candidate for a parent governor. Currently, I’m working in people management at Lily's Social Kitchen, a local social enterprise, I can bring valuable experience to the Ashford Oaks community.


My work involves supporting adults with learning difficulties and ASD, and I am excited to use this knowledge to benefit our school. Witnessing children explore the world brings me joy, and I am committed to fostering resilience and free-thinking in each child.


Empathy drives me, and I aim to understand the primary education experience, especially for those with unique challenges. My dedication to safeguarding aligns with my belief in giving back to the community. I see this role as an opportunity to contribute to creating a safe and nurturing environment at Ashford Oaks, ensuring that every child feels supported and valued.


I believe my skills and passion could be beneficial to the school, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with the Ashford Oaks community to positively impact the lives of our students.


Warm regards, Kate


Chris Shepherd

Hi I’m Chris I’ve put myself forward for parent governor as I feel it’s important the school has a critical friend on the board who seeks to support both the school and parents in making sure we operate in a truly inclusive environment and that our children have access to a blended curriculum that meets their academic needs but also supports their personal development so to set them on the best path forward to achieve their fullest potential. 


I am keen to make sure the mental health of our children is encouraged and discussed and that those from diverse backgrounds, children with special educational needs and all other backgrounds and needs, are identified and then enabled, equipped and supported to achieve like any other pupil. I am also keen the school understands that by supporting parents and its staff is how we will continue to develop and deliver a first class education for our children. I’m a supporter of a non rigid, flexible curriculum and teaching practices suited to individual learning needs and styles of our children.


I have previously worked in training departments delivering mentorship and support programs, frontline public sector roles and now work in research and development delivering new products into the private and public sector. My son has recently started at the school so I am able to complete a full term, this will facilitate the building of long term professional relationships and supporting the school in delivering its short, medium and long term goals successfully.


David Williams

Hi folks! I'm David, and I've been an Ashford Oaks parent for the last 5 years, with two children in the school; Louie and Grace.


As a devoted dad who wants the school to be an inclusive, supportive and caring learning environment for all of our children, I would like to play an active role in helping to improve things for both students and parents alike. As a Parent Governor, I will help foster transparency between the school and parents to promote the “community” aspect of our school, in addition to any specific areas I’m asked to focus on.


In terms of my background, I have built a long career in software engineering, building and leading open, supportive and skilled software teams, focused on delivering value. I am passionate about helping people, and sharing my experiences, which I do in a few different ways, from international public speaking at software conferences, to training as a STEM Ambassador and Tech We Can Champion to help children think about a career in Technology.


With your support, I would like the opportunity to help create an even brighter future for all our children at Ashford Oaks.

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