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board of governors

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Rob Cooke
Chair of Governors
Sarah Bennett
Staff Governor
Pam Middleton.jpg
Pamela Millington 
Co-opted Governor
Karis Williams 
Co-opted Governor
Theresa Dickens.JPG
Theresa Dickens
Vice Chair
maria martin
Maria Martin
Co-opted Governor
Toni Harris.jpg
Toni Harris 
Co-opted Governor
Carin Rose.png
Carin Rose 
Clerk to Governors
Phil Chantler
Sherrie Hogg.jpg
Sherrie Hogg
Co-Opted Governor
Susan Riley-Nevers m.jpg
Susan Riley-Nevers
Co-opted Governor
Kathryn Harris.jpg
Kathryn Harris 
Parent Governor
phil chanter m.JPG

Becoming a Governor

If you are interested in becoming a Governor at Ashford Oaks Primary School, please contact Rob Cooke Chair of Governors on 

(please do not use the contact details on the video).

Our governors are responsible for monitoring aspects of the School Plan:


  • Leadership and management

  • Teaching and assessment

  • Early years

  • Improving outcomes

  • Budget and Finance

  • Special Educational needs

  • Pay and Personnel

  • Health and Safety

  • Safeguarding

  • Training & Development of governing body

  • Complaints panel

The Governing Body of a school is responsible for ensuring that it is run to promote pupil progress and achievement. Its duties include:

  • Setting strategic direction, policies and objectives.

  • Approving the school budget, and reviewing progress against the school's budget and objectives as set out in the school improvement plan.

  • Appointing, challenging and supporting the head teacher.

Ashford Oaks Community Primary School Governing Board is dedicated to working in partnership with the school leadership team in order to ensure that all children have access to an excellent education and that the school always strives for continued progress in all areas for all children and groups of children.

The governing body is proud of the schools ethos towards learning and nurturing running side by side but also its attitude towards and involvement with helping our children's social, emotional and well-being.

The Governing Body constitution from 19th December 2012 is:

  • 2 parent governors (elected by parent nomination process and appointed by the governing body)

  • 1 Head Teacher (appointed by the governing body)

  • 1 staff representative (elected by school staff and appointed by the governing body)

  • 1 authority governor (appointed by the governing body and elected by the local authority)

  • 7 co-opted governors (appointed by the governing body as members with skills useful to the governing body)


The Governing body delegates some responsibilities for monitoring to monitoring pairs.

Behaviour & Attitudes – Toni Harris
Early Years – Sherrie Hogg, Kathryn Harris
Finance – Rob Cooke, Susan Riley-Nevers
Health & Safety – Pam Millington, Maria Martin
Leadership & Management – Rob Cooke, Karis Williams
Pupil Premium – Theresa Dickens, Pam Millington 
Quality of Education – Pam Millington, Theresa Dickens 
Safeguarding – Toni Harris
SEN – Sherrie Hogg, Sarah Bennet
Training & Induction – Susan Riley-Nevers, Kathryn Harris
Website – Sarah Bennett, Maria Martin

Health, Safeguarding and Wellbeing

The Governing Body and school are committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people, and require staff and volunteers to demonstrate this commitment in every aspect of their work.

We have extensive Safeguarding, Child Protection, Behaviour Management policies and procedures in place to safeguard our students from harm. Throughout the year staff and the Governing Body received Child Protection and Safeguarding training to up date on existing skills and this is kept under review annually or earlier if there are changes to government legislation.


All visitors to the school are also issued with visitor badges with signing in and out procedures in place.

The school continues to carry out DBS checks for staff and volunteers to the site in order to safeguard our pupils.

The school carries out regular health and safety risk assessments for the premises. Fire drills take place each half term and rigorous risk assessments are also carried out for all visits and trips.

From small acorns ...

The governing body this year has set targets to improve student academic progress across all areas, embed our successful interventions and processes from last year, increase excellence around the school and begin a journey to evaluate our children’s social, emotional and well-being to ensure our children have all their needs highlighted and improved where possible.  This is from our belief that it is our responsibility to best prepare our children for KS3 and beyond regardless of their beginnings.

Rob Cooke

Chair of Governors 


         Our latest Ofsted report                                      Complaints procedure

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