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Ashford Oaks are committed to the wellbeing of staff to create a positive working environment for all.  We understand that the wellbeing of our colleagues directly affects the learning experience of our children, which is why we work hard to encourage a supportive atmosphere.  We believe that investing in the wellbeing of our staff helps build strong and cohesive teams and that by prioritising mental and emotional health, we can foster a culture that sees staff nurture their own well being.

Our staff wellbeing programme includes:- 

  • Fresh fruit

  • Teas and coffees

  • 1 x Wellbeing day per academic year (terms apply)

  • Angels - staff members discreetly deliver random of acts of kindness to staff members to bring joy and a sense of camaraderie

  • Kent Rewards - staff discount platform

  • Recognition of service award

  • Links to professional counselling services

  • Supervision and peer support

  • Fully funded end of summer BBQ 

  • Contributions to Christmas events - mulled wine and mince pie nights

  • Healthcare screening  - NHS flu jab, cholesterol checks

  • Access to the AO foodbank

  • Twilight staff development allowing for 4 paid days off during the academic year

Additionally, we endeavour to support:- 

Upcoming Wellbeing Team meeting dates:

26th February 

25th March

22nd April 

20th May

10th June 

15th July

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