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Welcome back to another amazing AO year!


We have a very exciting term planned out for your children.  From day one our new Dare to Dream curriculum will be in place and we are certain that this approach will help to make lifelong learners of every one of our pupils.  The lessons will follow certain phases when the teachers will: 


  • Engage children with Memorable Experiences and exciting questions that will spark their curiosity!

  • Develop key concepts in greater depth with children having the opportunity to learn new ideas and skills.

  • Get your child to innovate using these new concepts to explore different situations linked to the project.

  • Express their opinion on the topic and present their ideas to classmates and the whole school.


During this last phase families will be invited into school to see how children across the school have interpreted the skills and knowledge introduced during the topic. Our new mini buses will arrive this term and all of our children will benefit from the opportunity of even more learning outside of the classroom.


We are very pleased to tell you that we are full in every year group and this is an opportunity to say thank you for the support that you give to the school and also to our dedicated and skilled staff.


Phil Chantler



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