Sunday, 24 May 2015
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School Office secretary
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Gerry D'cruz headteacher
Ashford Oaks Primary School
Oak Tree Road
TN23 4QR
Tel: 01233 631259

Help Nepal Appeal

Ashford Oaks got into action again and did another fund-raising project in the shape of a "coin mountain" with generous donation from pupils, parents, and staff.  

Thank you.

Fresh air, the beach, and our happy campers.

Year 4 camping trip - they have arrived!

Y4 pupils at Kearnsey campsite.

Our Year 4 pupils, all safe and sound at the Kearnsey campsite.

Alan Allcock Award - This year's theme - Butterflies

Well done to Kamil Grzybowski and Mary-Jane Horne our winners!

Thank you to the Ashford Community Woodland Jenny Tippen, Lucy Holden and Alan's wife Margaret Allcock for their continued support of the school. See Gallery for more pictures.


Help Nepal appeal


After the devastating earthquake on 25 April 2015, Ashford Oaks Primary School organised a fundraising day on 1 May 2015 with a cake sale, donations in cash and in kind.

Ashford Oaks came together and went into action! 

Your generous gifts have now arrived in Nepal where they would help make a difference to the lives of the survivors.  Thank You!




Some of the many things that makes Ashford Oaks Special!

These video clips are secure to our school. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE on social media.







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