after school clubs

The children at Ashford Oaks enjoy a wide variety of free after school clubs and enrichment activities.  These take place after school from 3.00 - 4.15pm.


Check out the clubs that we are currently running, you might find something that interests your child.


Please note that some activities are weather dependent.

Club letters will go home via book bags in September, December and April with information on the clubs we can offer and how to book a place. Please contact the School Office on 01233 631259 ext. 201 or for more information.

An extensive list of after school clubs to choose from, our children at Ashford Oaks are spoilt for choice!


Football Club  Y2 to Y4 3-4.15pm Field

Colouring Club Y1 to Y3 3-4.15pm  Year 5 Area

Crafts Club Y4 to Y6  3-4.15pm Y6 Area


Hockey Club Y4 to Y6  3-4.15pm Playground

Gardening Club Y4 to Y6  3-4.15pm Y5 Area

IT Club Y1 to Y3  3-4.15pm  Year 6 Area

Performing Arts Club  Y4 to Y6  3-4.15pm  Main Hall

School Council  Y3 to Y6  3-4.15pm  Year 5 Area every fortnight


Football Team  Y5 to Y6  3-4.15pm Field

DIY Club Y4 to Y6  3-4.15pm School Office/workshop


Cinema Club Y4 to Y6  3-4.15pm Ashford International

Boxing Club Y4 to Y6  3-4.15pm Y1 Area

DIY Club Y1 to Y3  3-4.15pm School Office/workshop

Athletics Club Y4 to Y6 • Year 4 Area

Chess Club Y4 to Y6 • Year 2 Area

IT Club Y4 to Y6 • Year 6 Area

Board Games & Lego Club Y1 to Y3 Nursery

Funky Fingers Club Y1 to Y3 • for information only

Fine Art Club Y4 to Y6 • Year 6 Area

Aim Higher for information only


Homework Club Y4 to Y6  3-4.15pm IT Area

Football Training  Y5 to Y6  3-4.15pm Main Hall

Choir Y4 to Y6  3-4.15pm Ashford International

Breakfast Club

Join the Ashford Oaks Breakfast Club and start the day with a healthy breakfast!  The BF Club runs daily during term times at the following times and rates (per child):

7.30-7.55am £3 (YR-Y6)

7.55-8.40am £2.50 (YR-Y6)

7.30-8.45am Early Risers £5 (Nursery)

After Oaks Club

Cookery, craft-making, role-play, fancy dress - these and more fun activities take place between 3pm-5.30pm daily during term times.  


Times and rates (per child per day):


3.10-4.15pm £4 (YR-Y6)

3.10-5.30pm £6 (YR-Y6)

2.45-4.15pm £6.50 (Nursery)

2.45-5.30pm £8 (Nursery)


Snack time 3.45pm